Privacy Policy


We take the privacy of your personal data very seriously, and in are in compliance with EU data protection legislation. This Privacy Policy was updated to address GDPR requirements. Here we explain how we collect, store and process your personal data, and your rights concerning these data.

How we collect data

Normally we would collect some of the data that you share with us. Examples will include when you make an online purchase, subscribe to our newsletter or contact our support with a query. When we receive data we take appropriate steps to protect it.

What data is stored

We store your name, email address and may collect your IP address. In case a home address is provided, we also store this. We store the date with each product purchased.

Why we collect data

We want to give you the best possible experience when you visit our website, this data helps us to provide you with:
• the latest information on new products, services, educational content and promotional offers of Producer Bunker;
• customer support if you have queries or problems;
• personalised offers.

In addition, we store data to facilitate:

  • Tax collection: we must retain certain information regarding sales to verify location for tax reporting;

There will inevitably be some services that we cannot provide for you without the retention of data.

Social Media

You may come across us on social media through your own networks, or you may be presented with an ad from us. We target ads at audiences that look like they have an interest in our services. We do this to inform, educate and engage new and existing customers .

More information on how to control the ads you see can be found here:

Facebook :

If you contact us via these channels, please be aware that we have no control over the data provided while on the platform. Your enquiry data may be transferred to our database so that we can refer to enquiries in the future.

Anonymous data

Sometimes we use data for analytical or marketing reasons, in which case the data is anonymised. Examples would include geographical analysis of sales success, geographically focussed promotions, or historical product sales curves.

Sharing your data

Producer Bunker will not share your data with any third party unless it is to provide an essential service for you (or if we have a legal obligation to share that data). An example would include the electronic purchase procedures via PayPal or Stripe. Under no circumstances will your personal data be sold to any third parties.

Lawful Basis for Processing your data

Where you have made a purchase from us, or downloaded a free product, file or service we process your data for the performance of, or entering in to a contract. By doing this we obtain your consent to email you information on new products, services, educational content and promotional offers. Processing of your data for our business purposes is carried out under legitimate interest, namely improving our services or protecting our business interests. This includes the use of Google Analytics, support enquiries, fraud prevention, legal advice or insurance purposes.

Your rights

You have the following rights as a data subject:
• The right to access your data;
• The right to object to processing that is likely to cause or is causing you damage or distress;
• The right to prevent processing for direct marketing;
• The right to not to be subject to decisions made by automated means;
• The right to have (inaccurate or incomplete) personal data rectified, blocked, erased

If you wish to see, modify or delete your data; or if you have any other query about our privacy policy, please contact